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Our philosophy is, and remains, deeply rooted around the concept of a growth mind set. Children given an encouraging and safe environment will develop a positive attitude to learning.

We base all our lessons around maximum participation and engagement and believe a collaborative culture within a group setting leads to the best outcomes for our children.

Check out below our programmes which run when Bay Music School is in active operation!

Foundations Class

If you've been wanting to get your kids involved in music, this is the best way to make it happen!

Here we focus on setting music foundations, this is all about being immersed in a music environment. 

In this environment we look to instil a strong sense of beat, rhythm and band culture all through group sessions on ukulele, drums, singing, using percussion and performing songs as a band! 

At the end of the second term, the children perform to an audience which is always a highlight. 

This is the best way to begin the never ending journey, which is music!

At Bay Music School our programs are all based around creating a positive culture in which to learn music. 

This is the start of the musical journey, and the entry level for all new musicians from years 1 - 6.

*Years 1 - 2 will stay within the foundations until year 3.

Progressions Class

The next step up from the Foundation Program is the Progressions. 

Once our kids have built their foundation knowledge in beat, rhythm and band culture, they’re ready to move along on their Bay Music School journey 

Through the program, the kids are progressed onto more specialised techniques and songs. With the introduction of instruments such as guitar and bass, they are also furthering their foundation skills on ukulele, vocals and drums. 

Band culture is developed further where the groups are formed with members who have positive attitudes, a willingness to learn and respect for one another which all goes towards a positive band environment.

Our Progression program allows for our students to grow and perform with more advanced instrument/s and utilise these to better perform as a group.

The Progressions program is currently available for students Years 3 - 6 who have already taken a Foundation class in Bay Music School.