Fostering our Music Community to support the Hauora of our tamariki



It’s about originality, feel, communication and community.




Our Pillars

All our bands work by our 3 pillars and all the growth and success our tamariki achieve is done so through this.

Engagement / Participation

The greatest way to reach full learning potential is through learners being engaged.

We engage our kids through making sure all kids are participating and giving them choice and freedom in a fun and safe environment.

Band Culture / Community

A feeling of belonging is key to any successful group, whether that be a business, family or band.

Our BMS children love to come to class and feel part of something special. We invite our BMS families into this special group and perform to our school community twice a year.

Some kids even teach others across different communities!


While our tamariki are learning, and feeling confident in themselves to play music with their band, they are developing a strong sense of musicianship.

This means they have the skills, confidence and ability to be able to play with one another, follow chord progressions, play drums with the feel of the best, join in on other instruments, and do so as a collective musical entity/group.

This musicianship will carry on throughout their lives, where they can use music to improve their well-being by playing for fun and playing with/for others.

Our programs focus on the immersion on many instruments, upon succession of learning this students are given the opportunity to perform and show off their new skills!

what we do

We have developed a new program we will be launching in 2021 designed by Bay Music School which offers a clear pathway to develop through different levels of Music. We believe it is crucial to provide children a Musical Pathway from Year 1, all the way through to year 13 and beyond.

Our ultimate goal is for kids to become lifelong passionate musicians who are able to use music for enjoyment and positive well-being.

Foundations Program

- This is the start of the musical journey, and the entry level for all new musicians from years 1 - 6.

- Within the Foundations, children learn fundamentals of music including beat, ukulele, drums, singing and most importantly, band culture.

*Years 1 - 2 will stay within the foundations until year 3.

Progressions Program

- The next step on the Bay Music School journey is The Progressions.

- Here, students will progress into more specific techniques on ukulele, guitar, bass, drums and singing.

- Our Progression program allows for our students to grow and perform with more advanced instrument/s and utilise these to better perform as a group.

- We also include additional focus onto specific instruments during parts of our songs.

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We believe teaching in a group setting allows for kids to further themselves in more fields than just Music.

Through peer learning, band jams, group games and more we are able to build our students into amazing young individuals.


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